I Am New

Welcome to Christ for all Nations Church (CFAN). We are very happy you have visited this website and we hope you will join us for a Church service to see what we are about. Our services are very exciting and encouraging; you will find passionate worship of God in an atmosphere of love and kindness.

Through contemporary music and practical Bible preaching, we present the timeless truths of the Word of God in inspiring teaching that is simple to understand, even if you have never been to Church. We also provide simultaneous translation through hearing devices into Spanish. You will find something for the whole family. Greeters are available to assist you with questions and directions.

1. Church Service Time

Sunday Service – 1:00 PM in Northfield at Christian Heritage Academy
(After the service we also offer refreshments with coffee and tea.)

2. Get Directions

Addess: 315 Waukegan Road, Northfield, IL 60093

Northfield – Main Sunday Service:
For our main Church service on Sundays, we are located at Christian Heritage Academy, just south of the intersection of Willow Road and Waukegan Road, and at the next stoplight you will have Christian Heritage Academy on the left, (east) side of the road.

3. Services During the week

For our young adult services and daily prayer meetings we currently gather in Glenview at the CFAN House of Prayer, which is literally a house that we use for prayer and small group gatherings. If you plan on coming for the first time to one of these services at the house, please give us a call ahead of time so that we may help you get here and park. If you want to attend or for more info contact us: 1-847-553-1225

Monday at 7pm – Prayer Service
Tuesday at 7pm – Prayer Service
Wednesday at 7pm – Prayer Service
Thursday at 7pm – Prayer Service
Friday at 7pm – Prayer Service
Saturday at 7pm – Young Adult Service (CFAN Forerunner Generation)
Sunday we do not have a prayer service because we have our main Sunday service in a different location currently.

4. Children’s Ministry

We start our children’s service after we finish the singing portion of our main service. We pray and the children go to have their own service right before the start of the the sermon.

5. Go to meeting room 123 located on the north end of CHA for the church service

It is located on the North end of the building so please park on the North parking lot. If you had to park on the South parking lot please walk down the hallway from the main entrance and you will see signs directing you to the meeting Room 123. Our greeters are available to assist you with questions and directions.

7. After The Service

Join us at the guest table: You can meet the pastor immediately following the service for questions and prayer. Also come by to learn more about the Church, and explore opportunities to get connected.

If you are interested in getting connected, please feel free to fill out a guest card and drop it off at the guest table and receive a free gift.

Enjoy something to eat or drink: After the service you can get some refreshments and fellowship with people in the foyer.

Check out our bookstore: The bookstore is open before and after the service. You can get Bibles, books, as well as current and past sermons on CD or DVD.

Encounter Retreats: If you are interested about strengthening your relationship with God, visit our Encounter retreat table where you will be able to get more info as well as register.

8. Information

Information Centers are located throughout the facility, staffed with knowledgeable volunteers. These tables provide flyers, registration forms, and brochures. We hope to see you, God bless.