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We believe that the method ordained by God for the support and spread of His cause is by the giving of tithes and free-will offerings. Scripture is clear on the reason God has given us the commandment to tithe. All of God’s commandments are given for a reason: as we obey them, the Lord is provided with opportunities to bless us. One of God’s greatest desires is to bless His children in the area of financial provision; thus, His commandment to tithe. As we bring our whole tithe (literally a full 10% of our gross income), the first fruits of our labors to God, the windows, doors, and floodgates of heaven are thrown open for the blessings of God to pour into our lives. In actuality, our tithe is what we bring to God in recognition and thanksgiving of past and present blessings, whereas our offerings and vows of faith are what we plant as seeds for future blessings.

We believe that it is very unwise to rob God of His desire to see His children go forth in victorious and abundant living. Our Lord’s promise of abundant life includes financial provision, as we are consistently obedient to honor Him in the tithe.

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